So the photos have been up for a while, but I forgot to mention it.  Bounce in tucson and Mindcontrol in phoenix have been posted.  They were both pretty dope parties.  Rave photos are usually up before I write about them so check the gallery often.


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Earthdance this year was a blast.  The event was originally supposed to be held at Schnepf Farms in QueenCreek AZ.  The city of QC enacted what amounted to extortion demanding an additional $15,000 the day of the event in cash.  With all other options exhuasted, Boo and Malcolm swooped in to the rescue providing their facility and getting the permits in order, and the day was saved.  Despite not being held at its original venue, the party was AMAZING.  Photos are up in the gallery.  I have to thank Jillian a million times over for helping out so much with keeping things running as smoothly as they could at the table.  Not all Earthdances are raves around the world, but phoenix and tucson have a history of a rave-oriented earthdance and this one turned out awesome.

Watch the Prayer for Peace:

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If you’re looking for photos of Just the Beginning 5 by Flock Productions, they are now available in the gallery. The weekend was a good time and I actually enjoyed camping out for once.  The only thing I didnt 100% agree with was the 6 hours of straight dubstep on saturday afternoon.  Was that REALLY needed?  I dont mind dub, don’t get me wrong, but 6 hours straight?  No thanks.  But the idea of a weekend-long campout rave in the woods?  PERFECT!!!

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Things have been going a little crazy in clixville lately so it took me a while to get stuff together… but here goes a quick rundown of the new photos in the gallery:

Sesame Beats  – The party was a good time… I was a little sad Mindbender got put on a back stage, but he got a good crowd none the less.  The venue was a little wet but not TOO muddy so things went as smooth as can be expected.

Rava Flav – I didnt get to see much of this party other than the main stage since I setup on the inside are, but what I saw I definately liked.  DJ Caffiene pretty much rocked socks and Jimni Cricket played a set that pretty much blew away my expectations.

Tofu Robot – Zak threw this one a little last minute, but still had a reasonable turn out.  For a party with all locals though, it was a good time and shows Zak’s ability to think on his feet and get something together quick.

TDK – The themeing for this party was off the hook!  The setup was amazing and I have to give insane kudos to Silent J and Chris Lit and company for the job they did.  I had a pretty good time at this party and despite a growing problem with phoenix pd and curfew enforcement they pulled it together.

Mary XMAS in July – Once again Matt and Harmony raised the bar for parties in Arizona.  The decorations were bordering on obscenely awesome, the vibe was so thick you could cut it with a knife, and the attendance was astronomical. The only complaint was that the inside area was incredibly dusty, almost enough to make it difficult to see directly infront of you.  In the future promoters may want to dampen the dirt a lil before an event to prevent that.

Still Flocked Up -  A small desert party, this one turned out pretty good from a partygoer perspective.  The vending side of things was a little slow, but it was enough to pay for gas and all that other good stuff.  The bugs were a little nuts though, and Josh ended up with a pretty wicked bite that sent him to the hospital.

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