I’m adding the seperate page for Raveos Rancheros today, so you’ll be able to see the flyers that Mike Saga made for us. I tell you that guy is AMAZING. I’ve been chatting with Michelle from Manna Cafe and she’s ramping up to get ready for the party. Her teas and boba/jelly are awesome, so please drop by her stand and have her whip you up a drink!

Im hoping attendance isn’t going to suffer being that we’re the night before EDC, but I dont think that’ll be a huge problem. There’s been plenty of people tell me they’re totally ready to go to both, and as I’ve said before, I’m not really worrying about numbers, I just want people to have fun and I think this night it totally gonna make it happen. I have my luchador mask ready… who else is good to go?

Just a quick note about the video podcast… I kinda let it stagnate for a while. I was in a period of transition for a while, with work, side work, computers etc. Now I’m an entirely mac setup at home (17″macbook pro and 20″ imac) and I’ll be cranking out more video asap. I’ve got a couple of episodes almost done, so be on the look out.

Lastly is a bit of a personal note… After about 2.25 years… I guess I’m not single anymore… dunno how it happened, it just kinda snuck up on me… and I dont have a problem with that :-)

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