It’s bubble bobble time again!!!  The biggest foam party in Phoenix every year is coming up!  Make sure to mark your calendars for march 23, 2013!  This year will feature Breeze and Klubfiller as headliners!  Make sure to check out for more information!


Tonight is the night!  My Friend Jason’s beach house is at 5th avenue event center downtown at the corner of 5th and madison.  The time slots are posted on the facebook event page at

I’ll be hanging up from hooks at 1030pm and the second suspension is at 12am

call 602-325-1595 for more info!


my friend jason's beach house front

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Check out this video preview for The Colossal Event.  ClixBagOfTricks will be there with some rad new LED products to help you get your rave on!

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So it looks like good ‘ole ClixBagOfTricks will be at 2 different events tonight.  Lords of Acid at the Marquee Theater and For The Love of Bass at Stratus.  Doors for Lords of Acid open at 7pm and For The Love of Bass at 7pm as well.


Lords of Acid

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So with the anticipation building for Bubble Bobble 3, I figured I should go ahead and share some of the pictures and videos from some of the previous Bubble Bobble parties in Phoenix.  It all started with Bubble Bobble 1 in 2009. It was the first collaboration between Clix and Mike Saga as co-promoters on an event, and with 2,750 in attendance, it was considered one of the most successful events of the year.

bubble bobble 1
Click Here to view Bubble Bobble 1 images

2010 saw Bubble Bobble 2: Bust a Move bring yet another HUGE crowd.  This party featured Dark By Design from the UK along with a host of the east coast’s finest DJ talent. As always, foam machines were provided by and this time we had twice as many foam machines, filling the foam room to shoulder-depth and deeper at some points of the night.

bubble bobble 2
Click here to view Bubble Bobble 2 images

The video teaser for Bubble Bobble 2 included some video from Bubble Bobble 1, as well as some photos to preview the bikini contest that is a big draw every year.

With all of the experience from our previous events, along with the drive to create bigger and better events each year, Bubble Bobble 3 is shaping up to be the mightiest party yet, and event that NOBODY will be able to forget.

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It’s almost that time again guys! For those of you who have never been to a foam party or one of the Bubble Bobble foam party/rave events in Phoenix, I have gone ahead and posted a short video trailer showing off some of the photos and videos from the second Bubble  Bobble event that happened March 6th, 2010. For the past two years, the foam for our parties has been provided by and Bubble Bobble 3 will be no different, except this time, there will be a lot more foam. The audio track to this video was provided by Mindbender

This event is truly like no other rave or club night you have ever attended!

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We will be vending at two events tonight!!! Under the Radar and Pop Rocks.  The info is as follows:

Under the Radar!
2 stages
2 headliners (both from vegas)
Jae Van, & Electro Muted
$7 before 9PM, $8 until 10PM, and $10 after 10PM
Infoline: 480 239 4065
12 locals:
DJ Mayhem, DJ Spear, Nick Synergy, XIII, DJ Kepher, Corruption, Maxwell Lee, DJ Citrik, DJ Zombie, DJ Text, Eddy NRG +more!

All profits will be donated to AIDS AWARENESS!

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I’ve installed the WordBooker plugin which will allow synching between this website and my personal facebook page.  It will also allow people to share and like the posts on their facebook. Hopefully that will help drive some more people to the photos and galleries etc I’ll be posting.

Also good news is that the Bubble Bobble 3 teasers are out! I got rid of a few at the Harry Potter premier last night, and a great deal of them will be going out at La La Land tonight. The images of the flyers will be up in the gallery really soon.  The main flyer for the party this year is going to be INCREDIBLE! It looks like another year where Phoenix’s favorite foam party will go down as a legend.

I have also launched a side project with Widgetphreak as a collaborator called where we will be showcasing our 3D photography.  That’s been fun and exciting, so keep an eye out over there for more changes coming!

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The photos from whiteout 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona have been posted. Sorry it took me a while to get them up.  My buddy James shot them on my camera, so that will explain the difference between the usual photo styles. You can check them out HERE.

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After having let the calendar fall into disrepair for a while, I’ve started adding all of the upcoming raves in Phoenix to the calendar once more.  There is now a link across the top of the page to get to the calendar too, instead of it being hidden on the right hand side.  So, if you found this page by searching for “upcoming raves in phoenix” or anything like that, you now have a much easier way to figure out what’s going on in Phoenix, Arizona. Also if you are a promoter looking to have your event featured, please contact me using the form at the top of this page!

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As many of you know, my good friend Widgetphreak was the on who got me into 3D photography. Just recently we decided to start a web collaboration called where we will showcase our mutual love for 3D photography. Make sure to drop by and take a peek! Most of the 3d images will be of the anaglyphic variety, so make sure you have your red/cyan 3d glasses!

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Photos from the Day Glow paint party at the marquee theater in Tempe AZ have been posted. CLICK HERE to view the photos. I had a great time at this event and highly recommend that anybody who has the chance to hit one, does so.

Take a listen to DJ Sesso’s October 2010 Hardstyle mix. Currently uk hard dance and hardstyle are on the top of my favorite genres list.

Hardstyle Mix Oct. 2010 by sesso

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Photos from Sextreme Ball 2010 – at the rialto theatre in tucson have been posted.  CLICK HERE to see the gallery. For now just the 2D photos are posted, however be on the lookout for 3D anaglyphic photos and also videos to be posted! The show was overall a GREAT success and shows that Praga Khan still has what it takes!

Praga Khan

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The flyers gallery has been updated with some flyers that were somehow omitted from the archive. Event pages have been caught up with Lingerieve 4 and Louder than Shit being added as well. Be watching both pages for information on free tickets etc

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For the first time in what feels like FOREVER… Lords of Acid will be returning to the Arizona desert. Sunday July 18, ClixBagofTricks and GetWacky will be bringing you:

Sextreme Ball 2010 Featuring:
Lords of Acid
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
DJ Deathwish
Mighty Mike Saga
DJ Rize

Sunday July 18 at the Rialto Theatre in Tucson AZ
for more infomation please visit

I’ve been out of town for a LONG time… things are about to get updated… I know a lot of you are excited to find out what raves are coming up in Phoenix. I’ll be filling it out as I conference with the promoters. Also the details for Lords of Acid and My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult, Louder than Shit, and Lingerieve 4 will be up asap!!!

Click on the link to the right for more information. Here’s the teaser video:

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If you spend any time looking through the gallery on my site, you’ve probably noticed that several of the galleries contain 3D photos.  They are anaglyphic 3D meaning you’ll need the oldschool red/cyan 3D glasses to get the effect.  A few of the galleries only have the anaglyphic photos, but I’ve decided that for the sake of those who have not gotten a pair of 3D glasses or don’t have any laying around, from now on I’ll be uploading the 2D as well as 3D photos.  There will also be some 3D video posted from time to time.  You will be able to find the 3D videos here on my site as well as on my youtube channel.

The photos from Power Surge 3 (the rave at stratus in Phoenix) are now posted in the gallery (there are 2D and 3D versions!!!)

For now… here’s a video of Showtek and the Power Surge 3 audience in 3D

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So stuff has been really busy lately and everything is coming at me a mile a minute. The trip to Ohio was awesome. Candy Kids was a lot of fun, and the vibe was massive. The ohio scene seems to be just now getting back on it’s feet, and it definitely has an innocence about it that has yet to be corrupted. The sound and lights were a little minimal compared to what Arizona has going on most weekends, but it was enough to get the point across. It was very nifty to see the kids jammin out with my toys… a lot of kids commented on having never seen anything like them in ohio.. that warmed my heart. So, get out your red/cyan 3D glasses because all the photos I took at Candy Kids were in anaglyphic 3D!!! Maybe I’ll get around to separating them and posting the 2D images too… maybe… Major thanks to Eklyps for having us out and being such an awesome host/promoter. I really look forward to working with you again man… You’ve got great things going out there… Maybe we can collaborate on an event sometime!

Click Here for the gallery

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